Disability does not mean i have an inability

Malethlogonolo Care Facility – Mother of Blessing

Our Life Changing Services

'Disabilities should be seen as a Life Inspiration'

Our Amazing and wide range of Services offers all that is good and pure to children in need. We pride ourselves in offering equal opportunity to all our children and aim in providing a balanced, dynamic and stimulated structured environment.

Individual Needs


All the needs of the children are taken care of. We arrange collection of medications, accompany them to Dr. appointments, at the age of 18 assistance is provided to obtain their ID. Basic needs such as meals, shelter, education and sanitation are also provided. Daily responsibilites are top priority.

Therapy Care


We have registered therapists who visit our facility on a daily basis. They assist and train our caregivers in all areas of necesaary responsibilities, and offer their much needed expertise. Their services range from stimulation and rehabilitation to feeding and potty training.



Our caregivers have hands on attention to detail with all our children. They ensure that each child can live life and enjoy equal opportunities. Children are cherished and their individual personalities are catered for. Our caregivers provide extensive bonding and care relationships.

Registered Nurse


Our facility is proud to have a registered Nurse be part of our dynamic staff. Our Nurse is with us daily and assists with administration of medications, attends to illness and injuries. Our Nurse offers overall wellbeing of every individual child with extra care and attention.

Stimulated Play, Education Time

We pride ourselves in offering stimulated growth through play and education methods.


'For i have the ability to overcome anything'

We have a full attention to detail programme for all our children. The importance of a daily routine assists in successful functioning. We have 4 classes, namely;

Zebras, Busy Bees, Elephants, Lions


'Give and you will receive'

The Malethlogonolo Stimulation Centre gives back to the community with open hears and hands. Donating much needed blankets to a nearby pre-school.

Sharing is Caring. We strongly belive in giving back to the community. Sharing prosperity, equal opportunities and offering a helping hand in times of need. 

‘Believe You Can and You Will Be Halfway There, Never Give Up’


Fun Events

'I am what i am, and i am proud of it'

  • Malethlogonolo day 28 March
  • Malethlogonolo Anniversary 31 May
  • Planned Birthday’s for Children who share Birthday months 
  • End of Year Prize Giving

Planned Events

'I can overcome more than you think, just watch me'

  • Going to the Zoo
  • Outdoor Picnics
  • 24 September – Cultural Meal Day

Therapy & Care

'See the Possibility within Me, not My Disability'


Our trained therapists assist our caregivers with all aspects of the stimulation and rehabilitation of the children.


With carefull and positive guidance from our therapsits, our caregivers play an important role in the daily routine.

We Care, We Give, We Provide, We Love!

Our Wide Spectrum of Services surely caters for all the needs of our Children. Creating a Safe, Nourishing and Loving environment overall.